Lost Female Husky



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January 19, 2013 · 1:54 pm

Happy Cold Weekend


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January 18, 2013 · 3:53 pm

Driving Safe & Sound

One of the best ways to drive along with your pet is keeping them safe from jumping around your car.. Pet boosters and saftey seat belt harness are all ways to keep your pet and yourself  protected from any accidents along the road.

Because i have a small pooch i decided to purchase the car booster from amazon.. look how well behaved my dog looks ūüėČ


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The Dog Whisperer – Is On Its Final Season

A reality program about the various dog behaviors that human families encounter. It also showcases host Cesar Millan’s expertise in dealing and resolving the animal behavior cases by applying rules, boundaries and limitations. It also gives light to the reality that, more often than not, the owners need training more than their pets.

Cesar Millan 1


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“Cesar Milan has given the world an awareness of the needs of dogs and the responsibilities of dog ownership. Too many don’t walk their dogs, don’t work with them on training and then wonder why they’re unruly. Left in a back yard or inside without interaction for hours and without training or controlled exercise and then owners are surprised when the dog has behavioral problems. Too many dogs are surrendered to shelters and destroyed every day because people underestimate their dogs needs. Or the people and dogs that coexist in a frustrating home environment vs experiencing the benefits of a mutually healty, happy relationship. I believe Cesar has made a huge, positive impact and there is still a lot of work to do in this regard around the world. I hope to see his great work continue and reach more people positively impacting the lives of people and their dogs.” – Sarah Hikel- (comment)


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Endangered Breed Watchlist



Only 316 old English sheepdog puppies have been registered with the Kennel Club in 2012

Breeds already listed by the Kennel Club of being at risk of extinction including the Irish red and white setter, English setter, Manchester terrier, Lancashire heeler and the Otterhound.

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At risk: The welsh terrier, above, and wheaten terrier, below, are also on the watchlist

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New Pet Store On-board: Pet House Est


My little shih tzu needed a full groom so i planned visiting Pet House Est, a newly opened store located between Safat AlGhanem and True Value just in the main street right in-front of the u-turn. The Store looks clean and nicely organized with many new products that i haven’t really found sold anywhere around Kuwait.¬† The Store do pick up and drop off your pet for grooming but i wanted to bring my own dog by myself to check the place out and see their grooming facility, two gentlemen were¬† grooming¬† they were very nice and patient with the pets. They took a about 2 hours with my shihtzu which i found a bit extreme as Animal Care van do their job much quicker. One thing i noticed they do not scan for microchip nor check for any extra knots the dog might have at the very end. I checked the knots myself one was under her ears and the other one in her paws. Overall, my little Shih tzu looked great and was very happy and the puppy cut looks so adorable on her.

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Follow Our New Dog Blogger – Ine*vet*able Fate



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