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New Pet Store On-board: Pet House Est


My little shih tzu needed a full groom so i planned visiting Pet House Est, a newly opened store located between Safat AlGhanem and True Value just in the main street right in-front of the u-turn. The Store looks clean and nicely organized with many new products that i haven’t really found sold anywhere around Kuwait.  The Store do pick up and drop off your pet for grooming but i wanted to bring my own dog by myself to check the place out and see their grooming facility, two gentlemen were  grooming  they were very nice and patient with the pets. They took a about 2 hours with my shihtzu which i found a bit extreme as Animal Care van do their job much quicker. One thing i noticed they do not scan for microchip nor check for any extra knots the dog might have at the very end. I checked the knots myself one was under her ears and the other one in her paws. Overall, my little Shih tzu looked great and was very happy and the puppy cut looks so adorable on her.

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Customizable Dog Bowls

I wish we had more interesting and creative ideas here in Kuwait. These adorable customizable dog bowls are  from These Creatures in Seattle. You get to choose your breed and color and they create a ‘sustainable product for your modern creature’. They look creative and suitable for every home interior.


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Must Have: For Smaller Breed Dogs

One of my favorite online shopping checklist is my car booster! I bought my car booster online from Amazon about 2 years ago, one of my best buy! I could drive safely without my dogs jumping around the car or on my laps! When i hit the brake pads i guarantee my dogs wont fall or get hurt. Now that i have the car booster, my lap dogs enjoy cruising and looking at the window to their level.

“For small pets, particularly dogs, a pet booster seat can not only increase the comfort your dog experiences on long drives, but it also protects them safely as well.”

pet booster seats   dog booster seats   dog booster seat

“When it comes to getting the best dog car booster seat possible, the biggest factor is definitely size. In fact, being unsure about what size to get the new pet booster seat in is one of the biggest questions most pet owners have when they get ready to buy their first booster seat.”

 pet car booster seat

 pet booster seat

 pet booster seats

“If you have to choose between two pet car booster seats, you should definitely choose the one that is larger for many reasons. The main reason why the larger seat is a better choice boils down to the desire for your dog to have as much comfort as possible.

While it is true that most dog booster seats are designed for your pet to be in an upright position, the reality is that eventually your dog will want to lay down sometime. On long drives, having your pet be able to lie down will go a long way in making sure they’re not only comfortable, but stress-free as well.”

dog car booster seat           pet car booster seat

“Measurements are really the best way to make sure that you get a great dog booster seat. One trick that many pet owners relied on before they purchased their first pet booster seat is to get some old newspaper together and simply have their pet lie on top of it in the most natural resting position possible.

A simple black marker can be used to draw a natural rectangle or square around where the pet is lying, give or take a few inches.

After the measurements are done, you can then go online and look for pet car booster seats that match those measurements. If your dog is a bit longer than what a certain set of dimensions are, you may want to go for the next size up.”

 pet car booster seats

 dog booster seat

 dog  booster seats

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Cute Dog Water Bottles



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Water Walker All In One Dog Leash

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It’s a retractable leash with a built-in waste bag dispenser and a doggy water bottle holder. Fancy!



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Must Have: Ollydog Mt. Tam Hand-Free Running Belt & Leash

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Bone Shaped Toy Box

A really cute bone shaped dog toy box is sold at Pet Zone / PetSmart (not the one in Kuwait). My question is- Petzone Kuwait do you have one of those here?


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