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K’S PATH Quiz Night

K’S PATH will hold its Fundraiser Quiz Night on Friday, September 28th at 7 pm, proudly hosted by the Australian College of Kuwait (ACK). This will be a fun evening with exciting quiz rounds, dinner, and great prizes including a prize for best team name. Teams can have up to 6 members at an entry fee of KD 10 per team member. It’s a great way to support a worthy cause and all proceeds will go towards K’S PATH’s shelter and programs. Email your team details to As space is limited, please RSVP by Monday, 23rd September 2012.





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Well Done!

Beautiful Birthday Cake! Very Creative for dog lovers!!


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Breed of the Week: Dalmatian


Contrary to popular belief, Dalmatians can live in apartments, townhomes, and homes without large yards. Because they have a short coat, they cannot stand extreme hot or cold weather, which means you may need to keep them indoors on very hot or cold days.

Dalmatians should not be left outside to live in a doghouse, however. Because they require more human contact than other breeds, leaving the dog outside is cruel and may lead to bad behavior. It is best to allow the dog to go outside during the day, but only for short periods of time. The dog will tell you when it wants to go back inside.

Dalmatians enjoy being in the company of people, so buying a comfortable dog bed or blanket will help the dog stay comfortable. If buying a puppy, you should consider buying a crate for it to sleep in during the night. This is to protect the puppy from objects in the home, and also so you can get a good night’s sleep.

Crate training your dog early will make it easier when the dog is older. While some people only use crates until adulthood, you can make it their permanent night spot if you have a crate that is large enough. Using crates for punishment is not recommended as the dog will associate the crate with bad behavior instead of a comfortable place to sleep.

Life Span: 11 and 16 years

Litter Size: 7 to 9 puppies

Group: Non-sporting group.


Color: You may easily recognize the Dalmatian because of the characteristic spots on its coat. These spots are usually brown, black, or a lighter lemon color.

Hair Length: Short

Size: Large

Shedding: Moderate Shed

Male Height: 27 inches

Male Weight: 70lbs

Female Height: 19 to 24 inches

Female Weight: 45-65 lbs



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Who Let the Dogs Out?

Who Let the Dogs Out?.

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Customizable Dog Bowls

I wish we had more interesting and creative ideas here in Kuwait. These adorable customizable dog bowls areĀ  from These Creatures in Seattle. You get to choose your breed and color and they create a ‘sustainable product for your modern creature’. They look creative and suitable for every home interior.


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Hey We Can Be Trendy Too!

Humans aint stylish yo!

We pull off the look!

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Those Nail Clippers Are Just So Cute!



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