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Adopt Summer The GSD Mix Dog


Summer is an adorable 4-year-old GSD mix female dog. Summer was rescued near the Fahaheel Sea Club in February 2012. Summer was found severely abused with only half of her tail left which had to be degloved. She went through extensive surgeries yet never lost her happy spirit. She is affectionate and greets all humans with a furious wag. She loves playing in the yard , taking long walks and gets along great with her dog pals at the shelter. Summer will make a fantastic companion to a family with children over 15. To adopt Summer, contact K’S PATH at (+965) 67001622.



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PAWS Help In Need!! Is This The End?!

PAWS Kuwait! Is this the end?

Most of you know us. Most of you know what we have done for the animal situation in Kuwait for more than 7 years. Most of you know that we rescued over 3000 animals during that time. Most of you know how hard we have struggled all these years and how hard we fought to continue with our work in very difficult circumstances. Most of you know under which conditions we rescued, saved, treated, sheltered and re-homed dogs, cats, donkeys, birds, horses and camels. Most of you know how stubbornly we provided education and advice in schools and in public to change the conditions for animals in Kuwait.

You might remember the time we had to leave our old place in Wafra because we were kicked out by the House of Development and we were so grateful to get the new accommodation in Kebed. We spent all our savings from the previous years to make this place a new home for our rescued animals. Now we have to move again…..

Due to personal reasons of the land owner, we got a very, very short notice to evacuate the shelter in Kebed. Within 2 months! We were shocked and desperate and angry at the same time!

Right now we have a terrible financial situation and are NOT able to move a whole shelter to another place we don’t have! We relied on the promises of the land owner to be safe for the next few years. A move to another place would cost us min. 12,000 KD to build up new runs for dogs and cats, to install a sewage system, to install power, to move all the porter cabins, most of them too old to move again!

So tell me , is this the end of PAWS? Was all our work and heart blood for nothing? Will we be the victims of the circumstances here in the state of Kuwait? Will our saved and abandoned animals be victims of a system, which doesn’t provide professional animal welfare in a targeted modern society?

Are we forced to give up, because powerful people change their minds from one day to another, because they don’t care if abused and rescued animals have to be put down in the worst case? Because authorities see us as an annoying group of people who fight for something unnecessary, minor…for animals? I SAY NO! We have the ethically responsibility to continue PAWS’ work!


PAWS needs your help so desperately right now, we can’t fight alone, we need people to support us to continue our work! We need a place to go where we are safe, where people understand that dogs and cats are the best friends of human beings, people who understand that we have to respect every creature in this world. We need money in case we find a place to move and give the abandoned and often tortured animals a new home, right now we talk about appr. 100 dogs and more than 80 cats, at least so long as YOU will come along and adopt them!

I swear by GOD we will fight for our animals and shelter as long as we can, but I beg you support us with labor work, construction material, financial donations, with advice and most importantly a place to go !

We will install a pay pal account on our website for donations, because it is a fact, we have to move!! We will try to negotiate more time to collect the necessary money. In case you want to call me personally, dial 99064229 or email me at

GOD / ALLAH help us! People, citizens of Kuwait, help PAWS!

Manuela Tague,

Chairperson of PAWS and on behalf all our friends and members

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Pretty Dogs Looking For A Home

3 dogs looking for a nice perminent home. If interested please comment on the box below for us to contact you. No payment / donation required only love to be given.






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Adopt Kali

Adopt Kali, a four-year-old female Saluki Mix dog rescued through K’S PATH contract with KOC. Kali is a sweet natured, shy girl that will need someone who can give her lots of extra TLC. Are you looking for a rescued dog that needs that little bit of extra work? Then Kali is the dog for you. The bond with a dog like this will be strong and everlasting. Kali would do best in a family with children over 12. To adopt Kali, contact K’S PATH at (+965) 67001622 or visit the website

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Adopt Harry The Saluki Male Dog

Harry is a handsome 2-year-old male Saluki dog. This friendly mister loves to roam around in the garden and play with other dogs! He will need long daily walks and a house with a garden. Harry would do best in a family with children over 15 years of age. To adopt Harry, contact K’S PATH at (+965) 67001622 or visit the website

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Precious The GSD Mix Breed Dog

Precious is a gentle, affectionate and very pretty 3-year-old German Shepherd Mix girl. She likes to play and loves a cuddle. Precious will do great in a family with children aged 10 and above. To adopt Precious, contact K’S PATH at (+965) 67001622 or visit the website

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Please help us ship Kiwi, Michael and Ghalia to Germany!



All dogs were rescued by PAWS out of terrible conditions and unfortunately for a long time in the shelter. Kiwi is about 3 years with us, Michael almost 2 and Ghalia 1 year.

Thanks GOD a friend of mine in Germany is willing to take them all; he is the patron of a Salukhi organization in Germany, he has a wonderful property with a huge, huge garden, they can run all day long as it is their nature anyway.

Out of different reasons we couldn’t ship the dogs to him yet, but now I have the chance to take them with me on my flight to Germany on the 26th of June. Lufthansa reduced their shipping costs for dogs so we need to raise 450 KD only for all 3 dogs together! Please help us to make their travel possible!

Kiwi, Michael and Ghalia deserve a good life and I know a lot of love is waiting for them.

Please Donate on the right side bar, GOD bless you all and thanks in advance!

Manuela – Chair Person – PAWS Kuwait

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