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Why Dog Digestive Enzymes Important


Here are some of the many benefits of enzymes:

  • Supports the immune system
  • Aids the absorption of vitamins and minerals from food
  • Promotes normal body weight without hunger cravings
  • Promotes respiratory health
  • Helps reduce minor food sensitivities
  • Helps promote normal cell growth
  • Supports healthy teeth and gums
  • Helps maintain healthy cholesterol levels that are already within the normal range
  • Reduces occasional bloating, gas, heartburn, and constipation
  • Lessens skin irritation and excessive shedding
  • Provides more energy due to better utilization of nutrients
  • Helps remove toxins from the body
  • Promotes comfortable movement of joints

The four basic digestive enzymes are:

  • Protease – helps break down and digest protein
  • Amylase – helps break down and digest carbohydrates and starches
  • Lipase – helps break down and digest fat
  • Cellulase – helps break down fiber

What happens if your pet doesn’t have enough enzymes in his digestive track?

First, his body robs critical metabolic enzymes from other important tasks, such as immune function, as digestion of food reigns as a high-priority, survival activity.

Second, a lack of digestive enzymes may result in incomplete digestion, allowing partially digested food particles to enter the bloodstream directly from the large intestine.

Less-than-optimal health may be at least partially due to your pet’s body’s response to undigested food particles circulating in the bloodstream.

Where does your pet get the enzymes she needs for digestion and other metabolic functions?

From two sources:

  • Your pet’s diet
  • Your pet’s body

Enzymes help:

  • Support the healthy circulation of blood through arteries
  • Maintaining normal immune function
  • Clear cellular debris while cleansing tissue
  • Stimulate healthy new cell growth
  • Promote normal cell growth
  • Promote a healthy immune response
  • Support normal detoxification processes
  • Clear away undigested proteins, cleansing the lymph and blood

Healthy Pets Digestive Enzymes:

  • Betaine HCl – breaks down proteins into peptides and amino acids and fats into triglycerides
  • Ox Bile Extract – safely used for many years in human and pet enzyme products to support the liver’s production of bile and offer supplemental bile for bile-deficient pets, critical for digesting fats
  • Bromelain (pineapple) – one of the safest and most powerful enzymes to help break down and digest protein
  • Papain (papaya) – a natural plant-sourced enzyme that works together with bromelain to digest protein
  • Pancreatin– an animal-based pancreatic enzyme providing all three of these enzymes:
  • Protease – helps break down proteins into amino acids for digestion
  • Amylase – for splitting and breaking down long-chain carbohydrates, including starch and glycogen (the energy-storage molecule in animal tissue) for digestion in the small intestine
  • Lipase – helps break down and digest fats

By Healthy Pets: Dr Karen Becker


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Choosing The Right Size Of Dog Beds

X Small
Nest Beds: 16″ x 21″
Pillows: 30″ – 36″

Nest Beds: 18″ x 23″
Pillows: 30″ – 36″

Nest Beds: 21″ x 28″
Pillows: 36″ – 45″
All cat breeds
Australian Terrier
Bichon Frise
Italian Greyhound
Miniature Pinscher
Silky Terrier
Toy Poodle
Yorkshire Terrier
Boston Terrier
Fox Terrier
Lhasa Apso
Miniature Poodle
Miniature Schnauzer
Scottish Terrier
Shetland Sheepdog
Shih Tzu
Welsh Terrier
American Water Spaniel
Australian Cattle Dog
Cocker Spaniel
Finnish Spitz
French Bulldog
Standard Schnauzer
Springer Spaniel


Nest Beds: 24″ x 36″
Pillows: 45″ – 52″

X Large
Nest Beds: 28″ x 43″
Pillows: 45″ – 52″
Airedale Terrier
Basset Hound
Bearded Collie
Belgian Sheepdog
Chow Chow
Doberman Pinscher
English Setter
English Springer Spaniel
German Shorthaired
Golden Retriever
Irish Setter
Labrador Retriever
Old English Sheepdog
Rhodesian Ridgeback
Siberian Husky
Standard Poodle
Alaskan Malamute
Bernese Mountain Dog
Bull Mastiff
German Shepherd
Great Dane
Great Pyrenees
Irish Wolfhound
Old English Sheepdog
St. Bernard


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Five Star Dog Hotel Opens in New York

By Sainath

“D Pet Hotels is another pet oriented hotel that has come up in recent years along with innumerable others like the Chateau Poochie in Florida. The New York property of D Pet Hotels gives canines a pure sumptuous experience by offering rooms with full-size beds, DVD players and flat-screen TVs, as well as a doggie gym with a dog treadmill, a lounge, a spa, chauffeur services and a retail boutique.”

d-pet-hotels-2.jpg “While offering overnight boarding, D Pet Hotels also offers day care services to its canine patrons. Your pets can unwind at the spa where they can be pampered with oil treatments and pawdicures. The fitness center offers amazing services like a private fitness trainer and the special chefs cook up healthy meals like brown rice with vegetables, chicken, or lamb. After all, it’s a dog’s life!”d-pet-hotels-4.jpg

Watch this video for further details:

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K’S PATH Shelter Open Day


Join us at the Shelter on Open Day to celebrate World Animal Day by gifting a ‘Care Bag’ to one of our animals and have a photo taken with your furry friends.  Children are invited to bring an old t-shirt for a fun craft project that converts it into an eco-friendly cloth carry bag! Plus shelter tours, walk our dogs, feed our donkeys, meet our team and lots more.

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